Family and Friends Welcome Home Soldier After Service Abroad

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ALLENTOWN -- From a distance, soldier Jonathon Carr was nothing but smiles as he walked into the Lehigh Valley International Airport in Lehigh County.

Claps and cheers broke out, along with a salute from fellow soldiers.

He hugged his mother and took in the moment, one, he said, he never imagined.

"I was expecting something crazy, my mom is crazy, not quite like this, this is a little bit more than I thought," said Carr. "A little overwhelming, I'm glad to be home."

Carr's family and friends welcomed him home with "We Love You" signs, and signed messages on this banner.

They wanted Carr to know he was missed during his service.

Carr spent three years stationed in Hawaii, of that, he spent one year in Afghanistan.

He earned several honors that include the National Defense Medal and the Good Conduct Medal.

His parents said they are so proud of him and thankful he is back.

"We're overwhelmed by everybody who showed up, extremely thankful that he's here, and just can't wait for whats in store really," said step-dad Manny Alfonso.

Another group who wanted to say thank you, members of the Warriors Watch Riders.

One by one, they shook Carr's hand, and thanked him for his service.

"We want to let everyone of our service members know that while they're gone, they're not forgotten, and when they come home we want them to know we have their back," said Mike Burritt, a Warriors Watch Rider.

But quite possibly the most heartfelt moment of the day was when Carr dropped down on knee and asked his girlfriend the big question. She said yes!

"I had no idea, not at all. What was going through your head when he got down on one knee? Oh wow, definitely," said Jennifer Possinger, Carr's fiancée.

And on his way home, Carr was escorted by fire trucks and fire police, and later presented with service awards by the American Legion and the West End Fire Department in Gilbert.