A Fight for Gun Rights

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DANVILLE -- Dozens of peaceful protesters gathered to support "Nationwide Gun Appreciation Day", an unofficial celebration created to endorse Second Amendment firearms rights.

The gathering was an all day event today in Montour County.  People showed up at the intersection of Route 11 and Route 54 in Danville with signs, flags, and even guns in hand.

"Protecting our freedoms guaranteed to us by the great piece of paper called the 'constitution'," said organizer Brock Hoyes.

Hoyes said he is an avid hunter and outdoors-man, but he claims his love of gun-related-sports is not what drove him to protest.  Rather, he feels his rights are being taken away.

"It's not just about hunting.  This is about the freedom to bear arms in case.  In case our government wants to take over everything," Hoyes said.

President Obama recently ordered 23 different "executive actions" for gun control.  By doing this, the president was able to avoid a vote in the legislature, at least for the time being.

Several area political leaders were also on hand in Danville.  Two Montour County Commissioners turned out at the event in support of gun rights.  Commissioners Jerry Ward and Jack Gerst said the Second Amendment is very important to them.

"They want to point the finger at somebody, they want to point it at the NRA, they want to point it at gun owners.  How about mental health? No funding anywhere for it.  We have got to find the underlying problems for what is going on in our country," said Ward.

"If I can't protect my family, why does the secret service follow all of our elected around?" asked Gerst.

We also found a couple of men showing their support for National Gun Appreciation day by carrying guns on Public Square in Wilkes Barre.

A full list of the president's 23 gun control executive orders can be seen here.