Two Families Deal With Crash Victim’s Death

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SHAMOKIN -- Two people connected with a fatal crash are speaking out publicly for the first time.

The incident was last summer near Shamokin.  A car went out of control on a back road.  David Dorsett died at the scene.  Now Kyle Koontz, the driver and Dorsett's friend, has been charged with homicide by vehicle while DUI.  Koontz, who's free on bail, didn't want to talk to us but his mother, Sheila did.

"He's very torn up. I mean how do you move on with your life knowing your best friend is gone? "

Sheila Koontz said her son is sorry for what happened.

"I wish to God that David was here because I feel he was my son because he pretty much lived with me he was here with Kyle and his other friends and the fact that he's gone I'll never be the same ."

State police said Kyle Koontz was speeding when he crashed last June and admitted that he had been drinking beer and smoking marijuana. All of that was enough for charges to finally be filed. But Norm Dorsett, the victim's father said that won't bring back his son.

"He had just graduated high school and his life was taken away from him."

Norm Dorsett said he, his wife, and surviving son are grief-stricken.

"We've been going through a lot of counseling, every day doesn't get easier, every day gets harder and harder."

Kyle Koontz has a preliminary hearing scheduled before a District Magisterial Judge in March.  Norm Dorsett the victim's father said he'll be there.