Runners Turn Out For First Run Around Scranton

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SCRANTON -- More than a 150 runners braved the chilly temperatures for a two-mile run/walk around Scranton.

Thursday night was the first monthly Run Around Scranton and it’s an effort to get people healthy while experiencing what the Electric City has to offer.

As the clock hit 6 p.m. they were off. More than 150 runners took part in the first monthly run around Scranton. The two-mile run kicked off at Bar Hill in the city’s hill section with runners returning to Bar Hill at the end.

Jackie Comerford brought her two little girls along for the jog.

“I’m so surprised at the turn out, I wasn’t expecting this,” said Comerford. “But it’s just a wonderful thing to kind of break up that cabin fever and the wintertime and socialize and get out running.”

Scranton Mayor Chris Doherty came up with the idea for the run which he says will be held at a different location on the third Thursday of each month. He says it’s beneficial for participants as well as the city.

“It allows people to come out and start exercising and it allows them to see the whole city throughout the year and while they’re in those neighborhoods, they can support those businesses that are in those neighborhoods,” said Mayor Doherty.

Many runners love the concept.

“I think it’s for a good cause. We’re all going to stop by, support the Bar Hill after the race, so it will be good, “ said Ron Stiltenpole.

Even better, the race is free thanks to the help of sponsorships from area businesses, including Geisigner Community Medical Center.

For the inaugural run, organizers said the turnout was a success.

“I’d say we’d probably have 150 people so far. We were hoping for 50, so it’s a great turn out and it’s still not even quarter to six yet, so we have a lot of people still coming out,” said Wendy Wilson with Geisinger CMC.

Bar Hill owner Eric Piccotti is also happy with the crowd.

He just opened this restaurant three months ago.

“You couldn’t ask for a better advertisement and a nicer venue,” said Piccotti. “A bunch of runners stopping in on the way to the race and then back from the race.”

“I’ll definitely be back, I marked my calendar for the next few months so I’m in,” said Marilee Barone.

Run Around Scranton will take place on the third Thursday of each month. Click here for a full schedule.