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This week, we tested the Miyashi massaging pillow! The maker claims it's great for upper and lower back, shoulders, neck, ankles, legs and feet. It vibrates to soothe tension and sore muscles. It's portable and cordless and has two speeds. Best of all you can use it anywhere! In the car, office and in the comfort of your own home. It runs on two double a batteries.

To test the Miyashi messaging pillow, we went to Czulada Chiropractic in Dunmore. Dr. Glenn helps people with all kinds of ailments including back and neck pain. He's agreed to have some of his patients try the Miyashi pillow.

It's time to have a our testers try it out. One tester has lower back problems, the other has a sore neck and shoulders, and the third has sore leg and feet muscles from working out.

We have each tester use the Miyashi pillow for a few minutes on their trouble spots and ask them to evaluate the results.

"It was soothing, I wouldn't say it would work out or stretch out sore muscles per say but i would say it was soothing," said Brian Goldsack of Dunmore."I would say it did a nice job with that."

Brian says, for him it works best on high for the lower back and on low for the neck.

"I did the legs and the feet," said Francesca Goldsack. "On my legs in the low setting, it just felt like it was tickling me but on the high setting it was much better. It released the tension in my legs and everything. On the feet it felt really good, my feet are still vibrating from it."

But not all the testers liked the Miyashi pillow.

"I'm not a fan! For my lower back it didn't give enough vibration to make that much of a difference. In the off position, it gave nice lower back support but with the motion to it, not so much," Wendy Worobey said.

D Czulada said: "That's how it goes with these pillows, not every device helps every single person. I've found that myself in prescribing pills or lower back supports. What is good for one person isn't good for everybody. "."

The doctor says you may want to consider trying something inexpensive like the Miyashi pillow because it might bring you some relief. One the other hand, if it doesn't don't be surprised, it doesn't work for everyone. Since 2 of our 3 testers liked it, we'll give it thumbs up! We found it for $19. 95 at Boscov's.