Meth Lab Bust in Berwick

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BERWICK -- Police in Berwick said they have uncovered another methamphetamine lab.

This one was discovered around 4 p.m. Thursday on Chestnut Street.

Three people were taken into custody.

Berwick's police chief tells us officers discovered the drug lab while checking on Michael Olah, who is currently on probation in Columbia County.

Inside, they said they found Olah and three others making the stimulant.

Olah was arrested along with Samuel Konrad and Heather Wynnings.

People we spoke with in Berwick said they are scared to leave their homes.

“You don't feel safe anymore.You can't go outside, you don't want to go outside. It's ridiculous. It's saddening. It's scary,” said Elizabeth O’Brien.

This is at least the fourteenth meth lab bust in Berwick within the last thirteen months.