High School Students Head to Inauguration

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SCRANTON -- More than 1,000,000 people are expected to be in Washington D.C. on Monday for President Obama's inauguration. Among them, will be seven seniors from Scranton High School.

After a few hours of required state exams, some students got ready to get out of the classroom and head four hours South, where instead of reading history in a book, they'll witness it.

"Coming to school we were so anxious to leave," said Rachel Kovach. "We only had to go to three periods. And then, we'll get into the car with our parents and we're off to the train station. It's our first time on a train too so it's very exciting."

There will be many of firsts for these seniors. Five of their classmates and two of their social studies teachers. The group is traveling to Washington D.C., most for the first time.

Where they'll witness the presidential inauguration. The students had to raise about $16,000 to go on the trip. They started fundraising long before they knew it would be Mr. Obama taking the oath of office.

But, it's a priceless trip, say their teachers who have taken students to the last two inaugurations.

"I don't think being in a school, being in a classroom can really teach them everything," said teacher Jerry Skotleski. "I think they need to see the outside world."

"It's neat to see students who haven't been to Washington D.C. before," said Sean Curry, another teacher. "They kind of soak it all in, and they're in awe of the shear size of everything."

The students want to make their trip an experience for everyone in our area, so they've set up twitter and Facebook pages where you can follow their trip on your computer or iPhone.

Just search for #SHSinDC.

The hashtag will make it easy to see pictures and posts the students send during the inauguration and their tours of the capitol.

The students though, are most interested in making their own memories that they'll have for a lifetime.

"Just for the experience, because I know I can tell my children that I've been to an inauguration and just for the memories."