Kathleen Kane Sworn in as State Attorney General

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HARRISBURG -- Kathleen Kane told the audience that packed the Capitol rotunda for her swearing-in, that the significance of this day will be marked by history.

"Today mothers across this commonwealth can rightly promise their daughters, and grandmothers can rightly promise their grand daughters that anything is possible. Go and find your dream. It will be there. It is achievable," said Kane.

The former Lackawanna County Assistant District Attorney came from relative obscurity to become the first woman and the first Democrat ever elected Attorney General of Pennsylvania.

Two busloads of supporters from NEPA came to Harrisburg for the ceremony. Among them, Kane's former boss as DA, now Lackawanna County judge Michael Barrasse, who helped administer the oath of office.

"And she's a very caring individual, and I think the citizens of the commonwealth will be well served, beyond well served, by Kathleen as their AG, said Judge Barrasse.

Kane promises within days she'll appoint a Special Deputy Attorney General to investigate the Jerry Sandusky scandal at PSU, a probe which began when Govenor Tom Corbett was AG. Corbett sat in the front row as the new AG was sworn in, and he listened as she promised to get right to work.

"Tomorrow we get right back to work. Today was about ceremony and pageantry and tomorrow it's all about substance for the next four years," said Kane.