Gun Owners Anxiously Wait for Obama Announcement

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TAMAQUA -- Rifles racks here at Ed's Sports Shop in Tamaqua are usually full.

But now as the president prepares to announce stricter regulations for gun control, they're selling more quickly than ever.

About 150 assault rifles are now all sold.

"In the past month and a half, two months, it`s been unbelievable, everything has been selling.  No matter what, people are coming in they`re buying it.  They`re concerned as to what`s going on in the country," said Edward Kennedy, owner of Ed's Sports Shop.

The White House is expected to announce about 19 executive actions on guns in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, including a renewal of the assault weapons ban and getting rid of high capacity magazine clips.

Something that frustrates gun owner Nicholas Boyle.

"I think this whole executive order thing is completely negating the whole Democratic process this country was built on.  And I think it`s terrible," said Boyle.

Kennedy sells guns every day and believes rules are already strict enough.

"If you have any kind of criminal background you`re not going to get a gun, it`s just not going to happen.  So I don`t know how they could strengthen them if that`s what they want to do.  Let us know," said Kennedy.

Owners said it`s not just handguns and rifles that are flying off the shelves, these high capacity magazines are selling quick too, and they`re only expecting business to increase.

"Guns in this area are like tools.  Just like a mechanic or a baker, everybody, they treat guns as tools, not a mass destruction weapon," said Kennedy.

Richard Magnali is a member of the NRA and strongly believes any new regulations on gun purchases like these won't prevent any more mass shootings.

"And I will say it, Obama`s dancing in the blood of these kids to push his agenda," said Magnali, or Tamaqua.

"If someone`s going to go off the deep end they`re going to do it.  You can`t blame the tool," said Boyle.