Driver Turns Himself In for Reckless Driving

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SUNBURY -- The driver wanted for hitting two police cars in Northumberland County showed up at the police department and turned himself in.

Sunbury police said they were surprised when Derek Lavoie of West Virginia showed up Monday and said he was turning himself in.

According to investigators, Lavoie had been drinking when he hit the police cars parked outside the Sunbury police department in May, 2012.

Lavoie was arrested, posted bail, and never showed up for his preliminary hearing last year.

He told officers he never got the court papers and when he saw his name on the internet, decided to surrender.

"That's extremely unusual. Usually you don't see that unless the person is afraid of something else or they have an extremely guilty conscious," said Chief Stephen Mazzeo.

Lavoie is locked up in the Northumberland County prison.