What Will Biden Say?

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY -- One month after their children were shot and killed in an elementary school massacre, parents in Newtown, Connecticut demanded change to prevent another tragedy like this one.

"My heart goes out to the families and the children that are left. It's sad. It is sad," said Jane Maurer of Duryea.

In Scranton, 150 miles from Newtown, some people agree with the Newtown parents that something has to change.

In some cases, it already has.

Riverside School District in Lackawanna County added armed police officers to elementary schools after the Sandy Hook massacre.

"It's sad (that) the world has come to this, where you have to have security guards in school. I mean it's either that or everyone has to home-school their children."

Vice President and Scranton native Joe Biden will unveil his proposals on gun control Tuesday.

Those recommendations are expected to include limiting magazine clips and a possible ban on assault rifles and universal background checks.

"The background checks, I guess, might limit the access to guns but I still think it's pretty easy, probably, to get a gun illegally," said Cassandra Bartosavage of Scranton. Her job takes her in and out of schools in the area.

Newswatch 16 spoke with two people who work in a daycare about what they want to hear from the vice president about gun control.

They did not have any specific ideas, but both agreed they want tighter controls. They said they have changed security procedures where they work because of what happened in Sandy Hook.

“It's scary and you think that you put your kids in a place that's so safe and then this whole thing happened and it's so sad," said Maggie Devine of Scranton.

"I, myself, could walk to the courthouse and get a gun permit and get a gun. You don't know what I do, what I've done, if I'm mentally ill. That's very important. It's scary anyone could just walk or buy a gun," said Adriana Paremo of Scranton.