Tunkhannock Bridge Work means Driving Delays

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TUNKHANNOCK -- Drivers in Wyoming County may need to set aside some extra time if they plan to cross the Susquehanna river at Tunkhannock.

A PennDot construction project kicked off Monday that's expected to last until May.

Construction on the bridge that carries Route 29 over the Susquehanna river in Tunkhannock is now underway.

Three out of four lanes were closed off as new lines were painted to reroute traffic.  All so crews can begin working on the bridge.

Some drivers sitting in the traffic say the repairs had to be done sooner or later.

"Well we have to be patient for things to get better right," said Yvonne Cooper from Tunkhannock.

"I'm sure there's going to be times that staying in line is going to be a little... well we might get impatient but we just have to find something else to think about," Cooper added.

Robert Bryen from Springville uses the bridge about two to three times a day.

"A lot of traffic that's about it. They gotta work on the bridge you know, can't hold that against them," said Bryen.

PennDot says during a recent routine bridge inspection it was decided to make some repairs.

"Long term what we're doing is there's an expansion dam right here that allows the bridge to sort of move back and forth when cars are on it and that's what the bridge is suppose to do. This is a about 34 to 35 years old this expansion dam and over the years it's just worn out," said James May with PennDot.

Construction crews are working to replace the expansion joint, which will be restricting traffic down to two lanes. One going in each direction.

Construction on the bridge will continue through the winter. PennDot offers this advice to the 7500 drivers who use this bridge daily:

"If you're not right here in the immediate area with Tunkhannock and you live down some where else like North Moreland Township and need to get to Proctor and Gamble, I would suggest trying to cross the river at alternate points. But if your right here in the area and you wanna get from the Walmart over to Gay Murrays just prepare more time cause it is going to take longer," said May.

PennDot hopes to finish the bridge repairs by May.