Employees Wanted at the Olive Garden

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HEMLOCK TOWNSHIP -- "Help wanted" and "Now hiring". 

Those are signs of the times at the Buckhorn Plaza near Bloomsburg. A new Olive Garden restaurant is almost ready to open.

"We've met some wonderful people.  They are so excited to work here.  The turnout has been wonderful and it keeps building day by day," said Kerry Zawistowski, a trainer at Olive Garden.

All this week, managers are interviewing potential employees, including Tyler Carter.  He has been looking for a job for eight months and was just hired as a busser.

"You get hired here for one thing, and you can move up the ladder very quickly.  You can become a cook in six months.  I overall want to become a cook so it's a good opportunity for me," said Carter, of Turbotville.

The olive garden near Bloomsburg will be a big boost to the local economy.  The restaurant is looking to hire close to 200 people for all sorts of positions.

"Server positions, bartenders, culinary team members, cooks, prep team, all positions are available at this time," said Autumn Hampton, the general manager.

The Olive Garden is taking online applications and has interviewed close to 100 people so far, including Joanna Fox of Orangeville.  Fox hopes to be a bartender at the restaurant and is keeping her fingers crossed to get the job.

"I think it's going to be great for the economy actually.  The people who don't have jobs or need jobs, it's definitely a good stepping stone for them," said Fox.

If you are interested in working at the Olive Garden near Bloomsburg you must fill out an online application.  You can find a link to that on our website.  The new restaurant is scheduled to open February 4.