Restaurant Robbed; Employees Barricaded in Freezer

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WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP- Police say an armed robbery at a fast food restaurant left employees barricaded in a freezer early Saturday morning.

Investigators say workers at the Wendy's on Highland Park Boulvevard in Wilkes-Barre Township were just about to call it a night when two of them went to throw out the trash and found themselves facing a pair of robbers with guns.

The workers were forced back inside and the men robbed the restaurant, putting a gun to manager Rick Hartman's head as he emptied out the safe.

We asked him what thoughts were at the time. He said, "Just to keep everyone safe and get them out as quickly as possible."

Franchise owner Steve Kepic says the robbers then turned on the workers stealing their cell phones and wallets before forcing them into the freezer, where they were barricaded with a salad cart and 40-pound boxes of raw meat patties.

The robbers even stole Hartman's car, which was found later in the morning in Pittston, near another Wendy's.

Police also believe another person may have been in the car.

Kepic says he is just glad nobody was hurt, he says Hartman handled the situation perfectly telling the robbers they could have what ever they want, and to just leave the employees alone.

The investigation continues in Luzerne County.