Luzerne County Drug Dealers Busted in Philadelphia


KINGSTON — Kingston police with help from the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office busted a home finding two dozen pounds of marijuana.

According to Kingston officers, a detective called Saturday to report an arrest of Eric Boehm and Anthony DeRosa in the Philadelphia area.  The men were busted with 20 pounds of marijuana and charged with intent to sell.

Police said DeRosa gave the address of a Kingston home to detectives who believed the the home may contain more drugs.  Investigators said they were able to properly identify the Kingston home on Butler Street as belonging to DeRosa.

A Philadelphia detective met with Kingston officers Saturday and searched the home.  Police also searched a home in Mountain Top where Boehm was allegedly staying. Police said they found 24 more pounds of marijuana valued at $225,000.  They said they also found a little over $32,000 in cash at the home.

DeRosa and Boehm are facing a slew of drug charges and are being held in a Philadelphia jail on $200,000 bail.


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