New Look for Weis Markets in Danville

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DANVILLE -- People who shop at Weis Markets in Danville have noticed some construction at the supermarket. It is all part of a multi-million dollar expansion project.

The supermarket chain said by the end of this year the store in Danville will look brand new. The store's appearance won't be the only new thing. The Weis Markets in Danville does not currently have a pharmacy, but one will soon be built inside the store. In addition to that, the supermarket will be expanded by 10,000 square feet. Construction started this week.

"There's going to be new decor, larger produce departments. It will have all the things today's customers are looking for," said Dennis Curtin, Weis Markets Public Relations Spokesman.

Weis Markets has been on Continental Boulevard in Danville for almost 100 years. Dennis Curtin does public relations for Weis. He said there will be wider aisles and more self checkouts.

"That's great. It will help the economy around here," said Bill Bickert.

"I'm sure they'll upgrade quite a bit of the things in here and it will help people out," said William James.

Something the Weis Markets store in Danville is missing is a pharmacy, but that's all going to change by the end of this year. As part of the expansion project, a new one is going to be built.

"And given that it's near one of the biggest health centers in Pennsylvania, we think it's a really good thing for people in the community. We hear that from customers, when are you going to have a pharmacy. They're going to have one by the end of the year," said Curtin.

A blueprint of the project is at the entrance to the store, so customers can see the new design. Curtin said if shoppers need help finding products during the construction, Weis Markets employees are more than willing to help.

"This is temporary, but in the end you're going to get a new store and it's worth the wait," said Curtin.

Weis markets said the expansion project at its store in Danville will take about one year.