Warmer Weather Draws Folks Out And About

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SCRANTON -- Plenty of people took advantage of the day's warmer weather.

Many took the time to get some stuff done they normally may not be able to this time of year.

The cars were lined up at Johnny's Car Wash on North Main Avenue in Scranton all to remove some of that winter grime.

Owners tell us this weather is just what the doctor ordered.

"It's almost like cabin fever or winter time blues, this whole week, I've been counting down we're going to get some sun, we're going to get some sun finally! Today we got some sun!" said Marc Ochal of Peckville.

"Doesn't the sunshine just make you want to do everything? Seriously it does, like you just want to get up and enjoy it!" said Megan Ruddy of Scranton.

Ruddy came out with her friend to give her car a much-needed cleaning.

Both said this weather helps them get some errands done, but it also gives them a break from the snow.

"It's great not having to do something and not having all that snow to shovel out. It's great, it's awesome," said Tyler Scopelliti of Scranton.

At Lake Scranton, dozens of folks were out and about taking advantage of the sun. Some people tell us the warmer weather makes their daily exercise routines a little bit easier.

"Everybody looks forward to the traditional January thaw when you go out and do things and enjoy the outdoors a little bit more," said John Corkill of Scranton.

People said the mild weather draws more and more people out of their homes.

"It is surprising, like around 20 people are out running, or jogging and walking. It is surprising, it's a good number," said Dulce Martin of Scranton.

It's a nice break from the winter chill.