Shelter Running Out of Room for Dogs

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WILLIAMSPORT -- The SPCA in Williamsport is on the verge of being overcrowded with dogs, mostly because of two recent cases of alleged animal cruelty.

Nearly half the kennel space is taken up with dogs that can't be adopted, at least not yet.

The Lycoming County SPCA is nearly filled to capacity when it comes to the four-legged, barking animals the organization saves and rescues from harm.

The biggest reason for that are recent cases where about twenty dogs were taken from two owners accused of neglect, said humane officer Larry Woltz.

"It's the same old story, animal neglect, temperatures in the teens at night, insufficient shelter, medical problems," said Woltz.

While the cases are pending against the animals' owners, the dogs cannot be adopted for legal reasons, but they do need care that comes at a price.

In the meantime, Executive Director Victoria Stryker hopes people will help by adopting some of the other dogs that are available to make room.

"We get an average of 100 dogs a month. And the average length of stay is seven days so we keep them a while until they're adopted so it takes up a lot of space," said Stryker.

There are just two dog kennels in the facility that are open right now out of 50 and more dogs come in every day. That means the 20 or so dogs that are at the shelter indefinitely certainly put a strain on the resources.

"We end up finding extra space like our lobby dog or dogs in our garage, we have temporary kennels until we can move some out and find them homes," said Stryker.

So Stryker and others hope either the dogs that were allegedly neglected end up available for adoption soon or more people start treating their pets the way they should.