Mehoopany Wind Farm Up and Running

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NOXEN -- The view of the mountains surrounding Noxen has changed, now towering wind turbines stand spinning on top.

This is called the Mehoopany Wind Farm and it's now fully operational. 88 of these windmills have altered the landscape in a big part of Wyoming County, you can see these for miles and miles and miles.

Some in Noxen like the changed views while others aren't pleased seeing their mountains marked by 330 foot tall windmills.

"It's Schooley's Peak and I will never see it again without that thing," said one onlooker.

Take a look at how big these turbines are that are now spinning on top of the mountains. There certainly are mixed reviews on the windmills, but just about everyone can agree they're glad the commotion putting them in place is done.

"I don't really mind them.  I think when it's all over it's going to be pretty cool.  But I don't like the traffic and the big trucks and everything," said Jen Crisbell, of Noxen.

"It's been something. A lot of noise a lot of trucks but I guess they've done a lot though for the town," said Lois Engelman, of Noxen.

There are still a lot of trucks as the construction operation winds down here.

But most of the work high up on the mountain tops is done.

And even some of those who dislike these windmills said owners BP Wind Energy and Sepmpra US Gas and Power have been okay neighbors.

"And they were good to us. They worked with us to keep the mud down and the dust down," said Cathie Pauley, of Noxen.

Now that they are up, running and producing enough energy to power 44,000 homes, many people here just wish they could get some of that electricity. It's going to Maryland, Virginia and Delaware.

"It just kind of stinks were not getting any of the power they're making.  It's our mountains that got ruined but it's helping other people that's a plus," said Crisbell.