Lady Cardinals Make History

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LANSFORD -- A girls high school basketball team from Schuylkill County made history Tuesday night.

The Lady Cardinals of Pine Grove Area won their 1000th game, defeating the Lady Panthers from Panther Valley, 58 - 44.

“It's a great honor, absolutely, for me to be a part of it and for all of us coaches. I don't think any of us are getting here without great players, great girls, great student athletes," said Coach Chris George.

Coaches and players, past and present were there to celebrate, giving the current team members special t-shirts.

"The big thing is the girls, the dedication they had. We had all great kids through the program and, you know, it’s turned out very well," said former coach Ted Dreisbach.

"It feels great to be part of such an awesome program. We’re the first in the state to get 1000 wins and it’s just an honor to be a part of it," said team captain Becky Evans.

Winning the 1000th game is one of many accomplishments for this team over the years.

The Lady Cardinals have won two state championships, one in 1982, the other in 1996. They have been champs of the Schuylkill League nine times.

“A string of wonderful athletes, they came along and they were interested in playing the game and we tried to teach the game and we went from there and they accepted what I did. I accepted what they did and we had an awful lot of success," said longtime former coach Ronald Rhen.

A special celebration and parade have been scheduled in honor of the Lady Cardinals 1000th win at Pine Grove Area high school on March 2.