Cafe Burglarized in Lewisburg

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LEWISBURG -- A "closed" sign hangs on the front door of Cherry Alley Cafe, a coffee shop in Lewisburg. Customers who stopped by for lunch were turned away with this note, telling them the restaurant was burglarized.

"This morning around 6:30, I came to open. Me and the other gentleman who opens found the back door kicked in," owner Chris Wheeler said.

Chris Wheeler owns the cafe, which has been on 3rd Street in Lewisburg for 13 years. In addition to the back door being kicked in, money was stolen.

"No vandalism, the register was taken and some start-up money. How much? A couple hundred, usually what we start the day with," Wheeler said.

Buffalo Valley Regional Police took pictures of these footprints, which were on the broken door and in the kitchen. Wheeler says Cherry Alley Cafe was also broken into three years ago.

"But it wasn't as extensive as this. It was a window kicked in and that was it," Wheeler said.

Some folks came to Cherry Alley Cafe looking for a bite to eat...and left disappointed.

"We just came here for lunch. My friend is here from Jersey Shore. We came to the door and it is closed from a break-in. It's shocking," Nancy Cleaver said.

Because of the break-in, Wheeler is considering putting in surveillance cameras here at the Cherry Alley Cafe. If you have any information about the burglary you are asked to call the Buffalo Valley Regional Police.