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Pet Slideshow: January 2013

Posted on: 2:35 pm, January 7, 2013, by , updated on: 01:48pm, March 15, 2013

Check out these great pet photos!

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  • Tiny and Angel out for some play time!

  • Spartan loves the snow

  • I'm happy in my chair!

  • My farm cat Whitey enjoying the morning sunshine on the tea cart.

  • Enjoying the snow

  • "The grass really is greener on the other side!"

  • My little girl Lily enjoying the snow.

  • See...

  • I know I can fit in...please!

  • cute!

  • Mr.Winston

  • The Girl..really!!

  • Yeah I am handsome!

  • The Gang


  • Smokey wants to play too!!

  • Henry Lee



  • sleeping dog

  • My name is Bradygirl. I live in Shamokin with my siblings. 2 dogs, 7 cats and 13 cockatiels.

  • sleeping so peaceful

  • Shush...Im hiding!!

  • awggie

  • Coco ready to enjoy a ride in the truck.

  • Just chilling.....

  • Keeping warm by the fire...

  • I\'m ready for the game!

  • zeus playing with bottle


  • Finally! Something good on TV

  • Where are the bunnies

  • Leo and Odi

  • I Love the Snow

  • Jax says, \"What are you looking at?\"

  • strikey

  • Two scoops of vanilla please

  • GINGER:spoiled spca rescue who loves to watch the birds and squirrels from her recliner. she lives in Avis with her mommy and daddy mr. and mrs, ralph ferrara

  • Cooper\'s enjoying the snow!

  • Zsa Zsa loves a good joke !

  • \"your finally home\"

  • Haley, watching the snow fall

  • see my new toy! I think I\'ll grow into it....

  • Bundled for the snow!

  • I need a little more room here!

  • Meeeee-yaaaawn!

  • lazy girl

  • Dad!!! I got my head stuck again..

  • Taken at Christie Lake, Perth Ontario summer of 2012...awesome birdie!!

  • My Fuzzy Snuggling Boys

  • Kenzo fast asleep!

  • dazy jumping for joy

  • Coolest spot at the party

  • :) I don\'t like photos

  • Lola and I on Christmas Day!

  • My name is Koobuss and I am a wire fox terrier.

  • I\'m sure my names on your list

Newswatch 16 Live Streaming

NOW with Newswatch 16 replays!