Honoring A Fallen Fireman By Helping Others

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SCRANTON -- The family of a firefighter who died in the line of duty is honoring his memory by continuing to help others.

Dozens of people packed St. Mary's Center in Scranton Sunday for the Capt. James Robeson benefit. 


Capt. James Robeson

Robeson was electrocuted while responding to a fire in Scranton in 2009 when the bucket truck he was in came too close to a power line.

Friends and family organized a silent auction to raise money for Saint Luke Foundation for Haiti relief and remember the veteran fireman.

“It's nice to know that five years later the firefighters and community are still with us and still supporting our family, really the outpouring of support has been amazing,” said Capt. Robeson’s son Ryan.

Money raised from the auction will be used to convert an off-road vehicle into an ambulance for hurricane-ravaged areas of Haiti.