Dangerous Building In Girardville

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GIRARDVILLE -- Italy has it's leaning Tower of Pisa, Girardville has a leaning building too.  Officials fear it could seriously injure or kill.

The front wall of the building is leaning over the sidewalk and street. Officials have tried to keep people away with barricades.

The building on the main drag. Borough Councilman Bob Quinn said it's just one of several dilapidated structures in the community.

"We've got a few rough places but it is a concern when we have safety issues anywhere in town. If it comes this way there could be a problem with traffic passing, if it goes either way it could do damage to buildings on either side of it," said Quinn.

Dan Kelly lives nearby. Kelly said he wants to see the eyesore gone.

"Oh, yeah. I see people stop there all the time, taking pictures of it. It's a real oddity. Every wind storm, snow storm the whole neighborhood is waiting for the whole thing to come down," said Kelly.

The learning structure has caught the attention of Bob Gusick. He tears down buildings for a living. Gusick said it's an attractive nuisance.

"Kids, like, they always see things like that. Thats the worst thing, a kid underneath that, with that falling," said Gusick.

Officials said the owner lives in New Jersey and has ignored pleas to get rid of the eyesore.

Girardville borough officials said they're taking the property owner to Schuylkill County court to see if a judge will sign the property over to the borough and then the borough can tear the building down.