Turnpike Tolls Going Up Again

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A trip on the Pennsylvania Turnpike is going to cost you more. Another hike in tolls goes into effect on Sunday.

For the third year in a row, the rise in rates is less if you use an E-ZPass.

We went to Carbon County to talk to drivers about the toll increase, and saving money with E-ZPass.

“If you're driving far, I went to Pittsburgh a couple weeks ago, it was $40 across the whole thing. It was pretty expensive, a pretty expensive turnpike," said Chris Milke of Philadelphia.

“Not liking it too much because I pick my daughter up every other weekend to bring them back to Honesdale so it will be back and forth twice for me so it will hit me pretty hard,” said Nancy Thompson of Honesdale.

Thompson can lessen the blow of this latest toll increase.

Tolls are going up 10% if you use cash, but only two percent for E-ZPass users.

Using the automated device when you pass through the toll booth will now save you in total around 25% savings after several years of rate hikes.

“I don't have one, but I'm going to be getting one now," said Thompson.

Here's an example of the new tolls for an average drive for people in our area: From the Wyoming Valley Interchange to the Philadelphia area's mid county exit the toll will be $9.10 in cash but only $7.10 with EZPass.

The Turnpike Commission said tolls are going up once again to pay for improvements on the turnpike, but also to pay PennDOT for repairs to roads and bridges across the state and pay for public transportation.

“If it's going to improve the infrastructure, help hire people, fix the roads and bridges then we all need to chip in,” said Christine Johnson of Williamsport.

However, Johnson doesn't mind chipping in a little less by using E-ZPass.

“It's a good way to go, and it's easy to get E-ZPass, and if people want to save a little on that hike they should go E-ZPass.

E-ZPasses are available at kiosks at service plazas along the turnpike, at stores like Walmart and Wegmans, and of course you can find them online by clicking here.