Local Car Dealers See a Boost in Sales

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Signs that the auto industry is bouncing back, nationally and in our area too. Leaders for the U.S. auto makers said after a strong December, 2012 was their best sales year in five years.

Most dealers around around our area said that happened locally too.

When Chrysler, GM, and Ford released their end of the year sales, Newswatch 16 polled some dealers of those cars in Lackawanna County.

Some said their sales followed the national trend, and they're seeing the best sales here in almost a decade.

John Grow owns Gibbons Ford in Dickson City, and he said for the past eight years it's been a vicious cycle. Sales and leases for new Fords were at a stand still, so that meant their stock of used vehicles was low too.

Now, in 2013, the sales lot looks different than it did a decade ago, and the sales numbers are different too.

"Ford has come out with some really great product, we're selling things as fast as we can get them," said Grow.

Grow said in December he found his 2012 sales were up about 20% from 2011.

The three U.S. auto makers, Ford, Chrysler and GM were the top sellers in 2012. All posting sales increases.

"Things have picked up, banking has lessened the restrictions, people can get the credit, where three or four years ago we couldn't get people financed," added Grow.

It seems that not all car sales in our area follow the national trend. At Sylvester Chevrolet in Peckville, the owner said GM sales have stayed flat for the last three years.

That Chevy dealer thinks, even though it may be easier to get financing, unemployment in our area is still higher than the rest of the country, so car sales aren't as high.

Not that far away at the Domiano Chrysler Dealership in Eynon, dealers said they almost doubled their sales in 2012 and expect another 40% jump in 2013.

"The trend, I think, is going to be very strong this year. The forecast is again going to be 40% this year. So, this should be a great year for us," said Jim Kriedler, General Manager of the Domiano Chrysler Dealership.