Honesdale Hornets Basketball

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It's another high energy practice for the Honesdale girl's basketball team. The Lady Hornets are a buzz in the early season still undefeated with big wins over Dallas and Wallenpaupack.

"We're very excited. It's something we as a coaching staff work very hard on every practice pushing them further and further, and to see how far we can push them to keep getting better every game and every practice," said Honesdale head coach Tracy Ludwig.

Coach Ludwig likes a fast up tempo type of game even here at Honesdale during practice. It's fast paced and you can tell full of energy. They are constantly playing music while the Lady Hornets prepare for their next game.

"Me personally I'm ecstatic and I know all the girl's are so pumped about this season how we started off we just want to keep working hard for every game," said Mary Martin.

Martin is a senior and team leader. She's seen this program grow and believes it can get better.

"We're very intense teams and we love just taking it to other teams we just love attacking," added Mary.

Sensational sophomore Katie Miller burst on the seen last year as a freshman scoring over 200 points on the year. Her skill on the court opened many eyes including coach Ludwig.

"We knew she had this talent to look at her she weighs 100 lbs. You think how is this girl ever going to bang around and she does a good job," added Tracy.

"It was great to win it. Last year I was so excited because I love basketball. I've been doing it since second grade. It was great to win last year and I was so excited to come back this year," said Katie Miller.

The Lady Hornets are working on another district title. Last year's championship was the first in over 20 years. Steve Lloyd Newswatch 16 sports Wayne County.