Wrap It Up

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There’s likely been a gazillion words written about the end of 2012, the beginning of 2013, that which we left behind and that which we hope to see. It’s appropriate too for there are few events so momentous in our lives.

Think about it! Most of us slog along through 365 days doing what needs doing as well as we can always hoping things will get better if not today then no later than tomorrow. Some times they do — some times they don’t. In that case the best of us move on or at least give it a good try. 

At any rate the year comes to its conclusion and we put it all behind with the fervent hope that the new deck that’s been dealt to us will play better than the one we had last year. We try our best to summarize it all, to condense it into manageable size, to categorize it as Good, Bad, Forget About It. I don’t do much of that anymore, too much work with too little return, like putting your money in a bank savings account these days.

I figure if I am in reasonably good health and my family and friends are the same then it was a fine year; I can put a bow on it and throw it on the shelf where I keep the others. Likewise, I hope for the same in the year ahead. If I win a few bucks in the Lottery I’ll be happier but not by a whole lot. See, I decided a few years back that the important stuff in a year is good health for me, my family, my friends; that’s the cherry on top and the rest is the icing running down the side. 

So Dear Reader there are my few words thrown into the pot with a gazillion others. Good health to you and yours in the year ahead; when you have that the rest is just icing.