Police Presence In Schools

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TAYLOR — Security measures are in place to protect students in a school district in Lackawanna County.

Each of the three buildings in the Riverside school district now has an armed police officer.

Officers from the Taylor police department are stationed at Riverside West elementary school and the high school. An officer from the Moosic police department is at Riverside East elementary.

The decision comes in response to the school shootings in Connecticut nearly three weeks ago.

“When I heard of the decision to have an armed officer, I immediately felt safer, calmer and I know that somebody will be constantly looking out for not only the students, but the teachers and the administration,” said Riverside teacher Elizabeth Deangelo. “I definitely feel safer knowing my own child is here.”

The principal from Riverside West elementary tells Newswatch 16 the difference between a security guard in the schools and an armed officer is training and experience.

School officials have not said what the armed officers will cost or how they will pay for them.