Working On New Year’s Day

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HAWLEY---Main Avenue in Hawley was mostly dark on New Year's Day; businesses were closed and quiet.

But Trish's Bagels was open.

"We had quite a crowd of people here earlier, people passing though town, just needed to stop for a cup of coffee, a little something to eat," said James Downey of Trish's Bagels. "Obviously last night was New Year's, everybody was out, for us, we like to come around, just hang out, have some coffee, get some bagels."

Hawley's Market was open as well for folks who needed some supplies on the holiday.

Workers there said they did not mind working, it was just a bit tough coming in after a night of celebrating.

"Yeah, a little bit, I was up around 7, so staying up after midnight, it was a little hard getting up, but not bad," said Alex Reid of Hawley.

"About 5:30 I came in this morning. It's normal to be open on holidays, the only mandatory we take is Christmas, so one day out of the year everyone and be home with their families," said market owner Jim Shook.