Skiing into the New Year

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SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY - The lift lines are short, but the slopes are perfect for those wanting to ski at Elk Mountain. The ski resort in Susquehanna County says it's been busy through the holidays, but the 21 open slopes are a bit slower New Year's Day.

"Those that are here today are really getting a treat. They really have good snow, good skiing, no crowds, no lift lines, so it`s really nice for them," said Elk Mountain General Manager Greg Confer.

Vince Grega and his son decided to make several early runs and say they are taking advantage of their season passes.

"Just looking for a good activity to do over the winter, and it`s a great opportunity here being a half hour away from home, we can get here quite frequently," said Vince Grega of Factoryville.

Others hit these freshly covered slopes with friends.

"Oh it`s great,15 inches of snow in a week, that`s made a big improvement," said Michael Warner of Pottsville.

Seasoned skiers at Elk Mountain say with the current snow conditions and the light crowds, it`s also the perfect time for beginners to hit the slopes.

"If you`re new to skiing, this would be a great time to go out and go skiing, take a lesson, buy a beginner`s package, they`re affordable, it`s an easy way to learn. People have a good time," said Confer.

General Manager Greg Confer expects all of 27 trails to be ready for skiers by the end of the week, but some skiers have already found their favorites.

"Susquehanna, it was a good day, a good day of powder," said Kim Smith of New Jersey.

"I`d have to say the Slalom, because it`s a really steep hill," said Serge Grega of Factoryville.

There's plenty more months to get in on this winter fun if you haven't already.