Resolutions for a Healthier 2013

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY -- The start of the new year is often seen as a time to start serving up a few more salads, eating a few more fruits and veggies, and skipping a dessert or two. Many people throughout Northeastern PA are kicking off the new year with the resolution to eat healthier.

Patricia Carlton and her husband sat down to lunch at Bingham's Restaurant in Susquehanna County and she says she's trying to do just that.

"Yes, I have to get rid of a few extra pounds and eat healthier. I had a lot of cookies last night," said Carlton.

It's not an easy task. There are always pies and cookies to distract those looking to shed some pounds in the new year, but workers at Bingham's say they have plenty of healthy options.

"We`ve got a lot of yummy salads, we`ve got a Michigan Cherry salad, that`s very good, that`s new on our menu, turkey Cobb salad stuff like that," said hostess Danielle Earl.

But some people say they`re not making any resolutions to eat healthier in 2013. It is not because they don`t like fruits and vegetables - it`s because it`s already part of their lifestyle.

"That`s why were`re almost 70 years old and don`t take any meds and I mean it`s all in your lifestyle," said Keith Wellard of Chinchilla.

Bobby Reese of Scranton shops at Gerrity's in Scranton and says he's made salads part of his regular diet, and makes an effort to not eat too many processed foods.

"Just look at labels, if you can`t read the ingredient, don`t eat it," said Reese.

Others say if you stick with a healthy lifestyle change, you might even find you like it.

"And after you commit yourself to it, after awhile you`re going to get to love it anyhow so, so it`s not a hard thing," said Wellard.