Wings to Ring in the New Year

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JERMYN - They call it the World's Second Best Wing, and for many New Year's Eve parties in Lackawanna County, it's the biggest hit around.

The Windsor Inn in Jermyn has been serving up its' famous wings for the past 34 years. Owner Andrew Whitiak says New Year's Eve is traditionally the second busiest day of the year for him, next to only Super Bowl Sunday.

"We have a reputation, we have a tremendous customer loyalty. We have a base that we've built up over all those years, and people just, it's become a staple item for their party," said Windsor Inn owner Andrew Whitiak.

Cooks have been busy preparing orders since 6 a.m. in the Windsor kitchen

"I live for this time. This is what I love to do," said kitchen manager Bob Hunt.

Several of these wing orders come from people who are home for the holidays, some from out-of-state, and some from even out of the country

The owners here at the Windsor say they expect 15,000 to 20,000 wings to walk out the front door here on New Year's Eve, and it's all possible thanks to the great crew working behind the scenes.

"It takes a good set of employees, which I have, and just a lot of concentration," said Hunt.

Kitchen manager Bob Hunt, along with every employee, work each New Years Eve. It's actually a rule at this restaurant.

Whitiak says it's what makes things run smoothly, but it's these wings that have kept the Windsor Inn in business for more than three decades.

"Without the wings, I think we'd just be an average, everyday restaurant. The wings help us tremendously," said Whitiak.

As for the recipe, well, it's a secret.