New Year’s Eve Noshes

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EAST STROUDSBURG – On Monday, the clock was ticking until the ball dropped, and for many people shopping at Weis Market in East Stroudsburg, the clock was ticking until the dinner bell rings, as well.

Lines of people were waiting patiently at the deli market to pick up some last-minute noshes for Monday night.

"I'm going to see what fish is good tonight because it's really easy to cook and the cold cuts and some other goodies," said Frances Canderozzi of Stroudsburg.

"Lunch meat, chips, dips, celery, carrots, stuff for the kids," said Kerrie Curtis of East Stroudsburg.

Over at the fish counter, people lined up, checking out what's good behind the glass case. That includes the shrimp, clams, crab legs, and salmon, some of which were on the grocery list for Scott Barber of East Stroudsburg.

"It tastes good and it's not something you have everyday," said Barber.

For some people, picking up seafood for their New Year's Eve dinner has become somewhat of a family tradition. That is, as long as you're willing to shell out a few clams.

"It's a tradition since I was young, for New Year's Eve, to eat seafood," said Barber.

For Tiffany Colon, eating seafood isn't much of a family tradition. Rather, it's a quick and easy crowd-pleaser.

This is a good thing for her, since she hosted Christmas, and now, New Year's Eve.

"Just something simple and easy. Just throw it in a pot, let it bake with some garlic and there you go. You don't have to do much, you know, we did so much for the rest of the holidays," said Colon.

So, it's nice if you can get away with a quick and easy meal without all the trimmings.