Savvy Seafood Shopping

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If you’re stocking up on seafood for New Year’s Eve over the next several days, there are a variety of safety steps to consider to make sure you’re getting the freshest fish.  Food gurus suggest make sure you buy your seafood at a place with a high turnover rate to ensure you’re buying fresh items.  Check the appearance of the fish. For example, if you’re buying raw tuna, make sure it has a vibrant red color to it.  Also, smell the seafood before paying the bill.  The fish should smell like clean water. It’s okay if it has a briny texture like  a cucumber, but just don’t purchase a product that has an odd odor to it.  Cooking the fish, won’t make it any better.  When it comes to refrigeration, the food experts say you should only allow uncooked seafood to remain in your fridge for two days max.  For other ideas from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, click here.