Fire Victims Ask Community for Help

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POTTSVILLE -- A Pottsville man, who was crippled after jumping out a third story window as fire engulfed his home, is asking for the community's help.

Brian Dunlap gets around in his wheelchair.

Brian and his family were burned out of their Pottsville home in November. Brian spent nearly six weeks in the hospital and rehab centers from injuries blamed on the accidental blaze. His doctors have given him strict orders.

"They want me to stay flat for eight to 12 weeks so my two back fusions can actually fuse, and when I do move around, to use my wheelchair as much as possible," said Dunlap.

When Brian jumped out of the window, his plan was then to catch his stepdaughter, 13-year-old Brianna. She jumped, but Brian said his plan didn't work.

"When I hit the ground, everything changed. At that moment ,I realized I couldn't move, and I yelled at her and I said, 'Brianna, you need to jump,' and she did, and she landed on me," said Dunlap.

Brianna suffered a sprained ankle, but Brian, for all intents and purposes, is bedridden, living in a motel. His girlfriend is working two jobs to pay for the room. Rhonda Sedlak said it's $700 a month.

"If there is anybody out there can help us get back on our feet again," said Sedlak.

Brian and Rhoda hope that someone can rent them a home which is handicapped accessible.

"If anybody could help us out in any way, that would be great," said Dunlap.

The family said that unless they receive some help, they'll remain in the motel room. If anyone wants to provide them with some assistance, you can contact them at (570) 874-1223, Room 41 or (570) 617-1794.