Calling All Potential Volunteer Firefighters

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NORTHUMBERLAND -- Fire companies in part of Northumberland County are in need of a few good men or women to join the ranks of volunteers.

Take a drive through Northumberland Borough and you may see a few signs around saying "Northumberland Needs Volunteers."

Like a lot of other communities, fire companies in Norry are experiencing a volunteer drought so-to-speak.

"Volunteerism is really at a low point, we need help in the borough to run the department to put out the fires," said Brian Ginck of Northumberland Hook & Ladder.

So the borough's two volunteer fire companies have posted the signs trying to attract people who may have an interest in joining the ranks, making it clear volunteers "Don't Just Fight Fires."

"We are not looking for people to go inside and fight a fire. There's all kinds of things you can do, you can set up lighting, ladders, help clean up after the fire, overhaul work," said Robin Bolig of Northumberland Fire Company No. 1.

Thousands of vehicles pass through the main intersection in Northumberland every day and many of those drivers and passengers are likely to notice the signs asking anybody willing to volunteer with the fire companies to give it a try. There's even an email address and a Facebook page.

But will the signs work?

"I think so if it really catches people's eye and attention," said Corin Jones of Williamsport.

Fire officials in Northumberland said they are usually only able to get about ten volunteers out for emergency calls. The hope is to get at least two-times as many volunteers on a regular basis.

"We had discussion what can we do to get some interest going, in a small town like this we thought signs might be the best way to go," said Ginck.