Winter Storm Dumps Snow on Williamsport Area

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Most of northeastern and central Pennsylvania is covered in snow after the first winter storm of the season.

Some parts of our area saw up to 10 inches of snow Wednesday into Thursday morning. The most fell in the northern tier and central PA.

People were digging out in Williamsport.

In between emergency calls, city firefighters in Williamsport were clearing mounds of snow from fire hydrants.

After a storm like this, fire crews said they can't afford to lose valuable time if there's an emergency.

“We're here to protect the public. We can't protect the public if we're delayed shoveling hydrants. We need the public to help us out and shovel their hydrants out,” said Keith Lucas of the Williamsport Bureau of Fire.

Because the snow is so heavy in spots, the Streets and Parks Department in Williamsport had to use special tractors with V plows, so they could tackle tough alleyways.

Where city crews stopped, city residents took over, chipping away at icy windshields and snowed-in vehicles.

Michele Groulx and her neighbors had their hands or shovels full near Brandon Park.

“It's heavy, sticks to your shovel. It's frustrating when it doesn't come off, and you're trying to bang it off, gotta do it,” said Groulx.

It took six people to undo what the late December storm did to one car. Shelbi Shuff and her family were headed out to go sledding but needed to clear snow and ice off the car first!

“It's a lot of snow, and it's cold, it's a lot of work to do it,” said Shuff of Williamsport.

When the shovel just wasn't enough, the snow thrower was the right tool for the job, and for Mark Miller who had just one house left to do, his.

“I expected the snow, I didn't expect it'd be this wet and heavy. I have to go do my own house. Then I’ll take a break,” said Miller of Williamsport.