Weathering the First Storm of the Season

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HONESDALE -- In Honesdale, things were pretty much cleared up Thursday night after the first winter storm.

Roads and sidewalks were cleared off and people were out and about again on Main Street, but some said they are still sore after all that shoveling.

"I did some this morning. I did what I could, but then I had to give up because my back started hurting, so with that, that was it," said Jim Robbins of Honesdale.

The first big storm of the season blew in business at R3 Hardware along Main Street.

"We sold a couple snowblowers actually, so that's pretty good for us, and then we sell a lot of rock salt when storms come, snow shovels, all that kind of stuff really sells when storms hit," said Nick Iloff.

There is more snow in the forecast for Saturday too. Some people said they expect that because, after all, it is winter. Some even said they enjoy the snow.

"I like it. I was outside playing with my dog today, for a little bit, not very long," said Shiloh Richner of Honesdale.

"It is fun, it makes it look beautiful. I mean it looks festive for the holiday season, but other than that, I can do without it, my back certainly can," laughed Rob Roeck of Honesdale.