Digging Out from the Storm

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JEFFERSON TOWNSHIP -- The Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area didn't get as much snow as some places farther north, but there was still enough to make it slick on a lot of roads, and certainly enough to shovel and plow.

Snow didn't stop Kelly Williamson from getting to work bright and early at 3 a.m. We found her salting the sidewalks at the Sunoco gas station off Route 247 in Mount Cobb. She says despite the snow that fell in Lackawanna County, people are still driving through.

"It actually hasn't been too bad. It hasn't slowed down business at all. So, it's been good, not bad at all," said Williamson.

The roads here in Jefferson Township are clear. Crews have been plowing all morning, but with this much snow in people's front yards, some have taken it upon themselves to help out with the plowing.

"It's kind of old, but it still works, 40 years old, this machine. I have to get it cleaned up and go back to work tomorrow," said Oliver Strackbein of Jefferson Township.

While Oliver Strackbein is ready for the snow to be over and done with, James Laurenzano is excited. He just moved here from New Jersey over the summer. He says he's not used to Mother Nature's white delivery.

"My parents are down by Atlantic City. They just got all rain, and when I sent them some shots from my computer, they were just, like, 'Wow,' because this is a lot of snow," said Laurenzano.

He's been shoveling, blowing and getting a workout.

"I have four small children in the house, and I don't get as much exercise as I'd like to, so for me to have to do this, it's quite a chore, and even with the snow blower, it's still quite a chore," said Laurenzano.