Clearing the Snow

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PITTSTON TOWNSHIP -- It was a cold day to be out and about in Luzerne County, and potentially dangerous if you hit the wrong icy spot at the wrong time.

We found a few drivers who said things were alright as long as you were taking it easy.

In Pittston Township PennDOT and private plowers were out on the roadways, picking up salt and dropping it along the way, doing their best to keep the roads clear.

Tristan Dipippa was grateful for that. He delivers papers, and had to be driving around overnight.

He admits it took him longer than normal.

“It was pretty icy, and it was tough getting around, but once all the traffic hit it was better.  It's not bad now. It's been swept away by the plows,” said Dipippa.

Plowers said in general in our area, the roads were much better Thursday morning than Wednesday night, when they had to help dozens of drivers stuck in the snow.

“As of right now they're not bad, just wet. Late last night we were out and they were really bad, but traffic seems to be moving, seems safe,” said Mike Mully of Noxen.

It was a white end to the Christmas Holiday, with potentially another round of it moving through on Saturday.