A Snowy Look Around Lock Haven

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LOCK HAVEN - Everywhere you look in Clinton County, it is a winter wonderland! Kevin Morrin spent the morning shoveling what he calls a heavy snow at his house in Lock Haven.

"It's hard because the slate is all uneven. I can't blow it. I have to shovel it," said Morrin.

Morrin was not alone. A lot of other people had to shovel because more than a half foot of snow fell in parts of Clinton County.

Some people, like Earl Zuspann, made some money out of the holiday storm.

"We go around making sure all the sidewalks are cleaned off and that cars can get in and out. It's definitely been a task, I can tell you that," said Zuspann.

It wasn't all work and no fun in Lock Haven. Tom Butzler and his wife got some exercise in the snow by cross-country skiing!

"We've had cross-country skis for a couple of years but the past few winters haven't been that great. My mother-in-law is watching the other kids so it's a chance for me and my wife to get out and enjoy the snow," said Butzler.

Since the kids are all on Christmas vacation, a lot of them took advantage of the snow and went sledding.

"It's been pretty good not crashing into people. The best place to be is right here," said Tyler Cygan.

Elise Cygan and her brothers ran up this hill and slid down it countless times.

"Pretty fast. Not as fast as my two brothers over here but pretty fast," said Elise Cygan.

Some of the children said it was the perfect way to spend their Christmas vacation.

"Spending the day out in the snow and then having a hot chocolate," said Thomas Cygan.

The children said they are already looking forward to the next snowstorm.