Winter Weather Slams Area

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LACKAWANNA CO. - The weather outside was frightful Wednesday night and so were road conditions.

Traffic on Montage Mountain in Moosic backed up as drivers took things slowly; some slipping and sliding and even getting stuck on the slick roads.

"We're originally from Syracuse, New York, and we spent Christmas there and we tried to beat the storm today to get this car back home where it belongs and we didn't. We tried to stop early, but we just couldn't make the hills," said one woman whose vehicle was stuck in Moosic. Her husband walked to a nearby hotel for help.

Sidewalks were slippery, too. People were shoveling them off. Ann Marie Garvey is in town, visiting family for Christmas, and decided to shovel snow for a neighbor.

"Just thought we'd shovel their snow. But, I'm from Virginia Beach. It's about 16 degrees warmer. We don't normally get much snow, so it's kind of cool."

The storm did more than cause traffic headaches and slippery sidewalks. Some people found a way to enjoy the snow.

A family from Philadelphia, in town for the holiday, decided to take some time for sledding in Moosic.

"We're staying in a hotel over there and this is the closest thing, yeah, besides the street," laughed Kamiel Ferguson.