People Sought in Rash of Car Burglaries in Lackawanna County

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CARBONDALE - Police in Carbondale say they've identified two people of interest who may be involved in a rash of car break-ins in Lackawanna County's Up-Valley.

The cops say they could be responsible for dozens of car burglaries over the past few weeks.

Kati Granville of Carbondale and her daughters are just three of dozens of burglary victims in her city, according to Carbondale Police. Kati says it could have been much worse and she's kicking herself because the back door of her car was left unlocked one night.

"I opened the back door to put the girls in their car seats, and my glove compartment was open. Everything was torn everywhere," Granville said.

Police say they're hearing of situations like Granville's several times a day these past few weeks. People reporting that their cars have been broken into and valuables stolen in neighborhoods in Carbondale, Simpson and Mayfield.

"Around the holidays we always have more crime and theft, but this is really unusual and it seems that they're hitting the west side and then the north side and different areas of the city. It's keeping us on our toes," said Patrolman Dominick Andidora.

Andidora says the thieves are taking Ipods, checkbooks, GPS units, even loose change from inside the vehicles.

That's what led police to the two people of interest who they believe may be the busy burglars. Police say a man and woman were spotted in surveillance video converting bags of coins for cash at a bank in Carbondale.

The pair hasn't been identified yet. So, police say to make sure your car doors are locked at all times of the day.

Something Kati Granville didn't think she had to worry about before.

"When you're going to put your kids in your car and you see it's been broken in to, you just feel violated, especially this time of year," she said.