Coroner’s Vehicle Crashes Into House

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JERSEY SHORE -- A family in Lycoming County will spend Christmas with a large hole on the outside of their house!  A County-owned vehicle crashed into the side of the home, destroying their chimney.

Mark Snyder's family and friends spent part of their Christmas Eve helping him board up the outside of his house near Jersey Shore.  The family's chimney was destroyed Sunday night after a Lycoming County Coroner's vehicle crashed into it.

"We were sitting having a glass of wine, and the house shook, it was an explosion. I mean, the house exploded," Mark said.

"We just went running through the house trying to figure it out.  We went into the basement and thought the stove blew up because it was everywhere.  Then we saw the truck's bumper in the house and a big hole," Niki Snyder said.

The Snyders say the truck hit that pole all the way over there. It went through their neighbor's lawn, through their lawn, hit their house, destroying their chimney.

"The foundation is blown out, the chimney is gone.  There is no heat," Mark said.

The vehicle was driven by Deputy Coroner Jerold Ross.  According to the Lycoming County Coroner's office, Ross had a medical incident behind the wheel, causing him to crash.  He is listed in fair condition at Geisinger Medical Center near Danville.

The Snyder family is happy Ross is okay.  The family has a wood stove in the back of their house.  The couple and their two kids are staying in that room to stay warm.

"So you'll be able to spend Christmas here? Oh yeah, we're not leaving. This is home," Mark said.

The Snyder family is waiting for their insurance company to come and assess the damage.