Tunkhannock Area School Rumors and Threats

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TUNKHANNOCK -- The flags are still at half staff in front of schools in Tunkhannock, marking one week since the school shooting in Connecticut.

However, partly because of rumors about possible threats, all of the students who go to school there are at home.

"A little upset we don`t have school today, not because I don`t think the school made the right choice, but because if the kids weren`t safe today, how are they going to be safe on January 2 when it`s time to go back," said Holly Arnold, a mother.

Holly Arnold's son Connor is in second grade and said he was looking forward to the class holiday party.

"We were supposed to have a big party at school, (now I'm) just staying home, watching TV and playing some stuff," said Conner Arnold.

Tunkhannock Area School Board Members released a statement to the community trying to answer what they could saying, "There were no schools on lockdown yesterday. Additionally, there were rumors circulating through the community concerning threats and possible violence. These rumors were investigated by school officials and local law enforcement and were not found to be true."

Because of the security concerns that closed the doors at Tunkhannock Area School District, a committee has now been appointed to review all safety measures as the district works to be as proactive as possible.

While on patrol, Troopers are keeping a close eye on all schools in the district.

"We`ve been working together other local agencies and also with school district officials to try and have an increased police presence during school hours and also during pick-ups and drop offs for children at facilities," said State Police Sgt. Jeffrey Balut.

Mother Susan Mikulka said she hopes life can return to normal sometime soon.

"It`s just, it`s unfortunate and you know especially now, it`s Christmastime, so many awful things have happened, and this just adds to it and makes it worse," said Susan Mikulka, a mother.

Again, rumors of threats and violence in the Tunkhannock Area School district were investigated and found to be not true.

Students will return to classes right after New Year's Day.