Silent Prayers for Connecticut Shooting Victims

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KULPMONT -- There was a minute of silent prayer Friday morning in Northumberland County all to remember and mourn the victims of last week's school shooting in Connecticut.

A ceremony in Kulpmont was hosted by a group that deals with children.

There was a lot of emotion and prayer running through the folks in Kulpmont. There were flowers, a wreath with 20 stars to represent the 20 children, who were shot and killed in the Connecticut shooting, and a display of their names and when they were born.

“It broke my heart, and it broke my heart, so right now we are praying for these families and these children. It`s sad, it`s very sad,” said Mary Snyder of Mt. Carmel.

“I am studying to be an elementary school teacher at Lock Haven University for the ages of the children that we lost, and it means so much to me to support their memories,” said Jared Shutt of Kulpmont.

Some of the people offering prayers for those who were murdered are members of the Saint Pauline Visintainer Center.

“These children are very close to our hearts and we should be here in honor of them,” said Shirley Guard of Kulpmont.

Those who run the Saint Pauline Visintainer Center said the Connecticut shooting hurt them emotionally. That`s because the center offers programs for diabetic children.

“We do anything for the children, anything. We have a summer camp next door, we get a good reception from their parents and we enjoy doing it,” said Rita Leukaitis of Elysburg.