Group Walks 27 Minutes for CT Victims

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LOYALSOCK TOWNSHIP -- Friday morning, people all over remembered the Newtown, Connecticut shooting victims in their own ways.

In Lycoming County, it was a walk that lasted 27 minutes; one minute for each of the victims.

A group of mothers, brothers, sons and daughters were gearing up for a walk near Williamsport.

Had it not been for the tragic shooting in Connecticut one week earlier, the walkers would not have had a reason to be there.

"As a mother, our hearts went out to those people in Connecticut. Just trying to find a way to show those people how sorry we are for their loss," said Melissa Starkey who helped organize the walk as part of a national movement.

Thanks to email and Facebook, the effort to Walk 27 along the Susquehanna River caught on bringing out people like Jennifer Lake. Lake said even now, exactly one week after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, she is in mourning.

"Talking to him, you think these bubbles are getting to heaven and those kids are playing with them, his face just lit up, maybe. We wish for hope," said Lake.

When the walk was over, the victims' names were said out loud.

As life goes on, Kristi Law of Williamsport said she will hug her kids tighter and pray for some good to come from all this sadness.

"I hope we can go forward and learn from this, make things better and make the world a better place so we don't have to deal with these things in the future," said Law.