Family Food Tradition

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STROUD TOWNSHIP — A popular meat market in the Poconos is gearing up for one of its busiest times of year, Christmas.

The hottest item is smoked ring baloney, and most of it is already spoken for. It’s become a holiday tradition for many families.

Gary Oney is the owner of Gary’s Meat Market outside Stroudsburg. He was showing off his smoke house that’s behind his business.

That is where he smokes his famous ring baloney, which as he explains, is a labor of love.

“A lot of work, a lot of work. You cut and tie every casing. You grind the meat, you stuff the meat into the casing, smoke it for five to six hours,” said Oney.

This year, Oney used 3,000 pounds of meat to make more than 1,500 rings of his smoked ring baloney which his customers consider quite famous.

“I’m here for 26 years, and every year he makes it for me,” said Aly Addelmaby of East Stroudsburg.

Reporter: “Is it a family tradition in your household?” Martin Quick of Tobyhanna replied: “More or less, yeah, for many years.” Reporter: “For how long?” Quick: “Probably about 65, since I can remember.”

So here’s a little fun fact about Gary Oney. When he was a little kid, his classmates used to tease him and call him “Gary Oney, Baloney.” Well, look who’s laughing now.

“And they usually weigh anywhere from eight to 10 dollars a ring,” said Oney.