School Closings And Delays

Threat Results in School Lockdown

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POINT TOWNSHIP -- Jeremy Church, 37, of Snyder County left the Point Township police department Thursday night, and was taken to the Northumberland County Prison. 

Police said he threatened to come to Priestley Elementary School, and quote, "...kill everybody and do worse than what happened in Connecticut."

Shikellamy School District was put on lockdown, and many parents rushed to the elementary school.

Parents of children at Priestley Elementary School near Northumberland gathered outside waiting to hear about alleged threats made against the school.

"You know, you pull up here and you see all the cop cars. It scares you to death. I mean, my daughter is my world," said Kristin Bolig.

Police got to the school around 11:30 a.m., just minutes after hearing reports that an unthinkable threat had been made.

"Alleged that he was going to come to the school here and repeat the acts in Newtown. He was going to make that look like it was nothing," said Josh Vankiri, Point Township Police Chief.jeremy church

Police arrested Church of Middleburg a short time later, and charged him with making terroristic threats. The Shikellamy School District immediately put all buildings on lockdown. At least 50 parents waited outside Priestly Elementary, worried and angry.

"It's horrible. It's ridiculous. It's sad, sad and sick," said Tina Watkins.

"After what just happened last week, it really scares me. I am trying to keep my cool," said Trina Carr.

It's heartbreaking to know that we're all out here and our little ones are in there and we can't do anything," said Kristin Bolig.

A long line of worried parents waited outside Priestley Elementary School. After about an hour and a half, police said parents could take their children home.

"I think it's fantastic they reacted so fast and kept everybody safe. I'm thankful," said Watkins.

Police said Jeremy Church was having an argument with the mother of his daughter when he made the threats. Police arrested him in Snyder County. He never got close to the elementary school. Church was charged with several counts of making terroristic threats.

According to court paperwork, Church is known to have a gun and to live out of his car.

There's no indication that Church had a weapon when he was arrested.

In court, Church told a district magistrate his "words were taken out of content. I would never hurt my daughters or their mothers."